Trey McKenney - The Family 17U




Photo Credit - Made Hoops

Written By Paul Garwood

Trey McKenney showcased his basketball skills at the Made Hoops Midwest Mania event in 2025, delivering a highly productive performance in the morning session. He displayed a strong scoring ability, consistently putting points on the board for his team. In addition to his offensive prowess, Trey also stood out on the defensive end, showcasing his skills in multiple sequences where he made impactful plays. His aggressive approach to the game was evident throughout, demonstrating his determination and competitive spirit.

Notably, Trey McKenney emerged as one of the top shot-makers in the country, showcasing his ability to knock down shots from various spots on the court with efficiency and consistency. His scoring prowess, combined with his defensive contributions and overall aggressive play, solidified his presence as a standout player at the event.

Overall, Trey McKenney's performance at the Made Hoops Midwest Mania event highlighted his talent, skill set, and potential as a top basketball prospect in the country. His ability to excel in scoring, defense, and overall gameplay positions him as a promising player to watch in the future.