Keshawn Fisher - The Family 17U




Photo Credit - Made Hoops

Written By Paul Garwood

 Keshawn Fisher's performance at Made Hoops Midwest Mania showcased his versatility and impact on the game. As a 2025 player, he has proven to be a valuable asset to his team, The Family, demonstrating his ability to contribute in various aspects of the game. Fisher's role as the ultimate glue guy highlights his effectiveness in bringing the team together and filling the necessary gaps to achieve success.

His defensive presence was notable, as his active hands led to turnovers, showcasing his ability to disrupt the opposing team's offense. Additionally, Fisher's defensive prowess was further evidenced by his two blocks, which were crucial in protecting the rim and deterring scoring opportunities for the opponents.

On the offensive end, Fisher stepped up when needed, contributing 15 points to the team's scoring output. His scoring ability, combined with his two assists, demonstrates his willingness to create opportunities for his teammates and make plays that contribute to the team's overall success.

Moreover, Fisher's impact extended beyond individual statistics, as he provided much-needed offensive rebounds and key plays that were instrumental in leading The Family to a comeback win. His ability to make crucial plays in critical moments showcases his composure under pressure and his value as a reliable performer for his team.

Overall, Keshawn Fisher's performance at Made Hoops Midwest Mania exemplified his role as a versatile and impactful player who contributes on both ends of the court. His defensive tenacity, offensive contributions, and ability to make plays when it matters most solidify his reputation as a key player for The Family.